How To Attract Top Job Applicants

Posted on November 27th, 2014

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What your company needs to do to find the best applicants

Have a clear job description

This open-ended question immediately puts the candidate in the corner because there is no one right answer to it. But there is an answer. This question is an invitation to open up and see where it goes without worrying about saying the right things. If the candidate plays along and shows his human side, it can reveal a lot about his character, creativity, and likability. Since personal characteristics are usually not part of the job description, the deciding factor may actually be "likability". No one wants to work with an arrogant, negative person who won't be able to get along with their colleagues. This question will help you discover the candidate’s willingness to be harmonious with others.

Develop a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Your Employee Value Proposition is what makes your company attractive to work with and how you are different than other organisations. It's a combination of the benefits package, culture, opportunities for growth, and company values. Developing a solid EVP that incorporates what is important to the organisation with what is of value to its employees is the key to attracting the best people. Many world class companies are as famous for the way they treat their employees and the quality of their people as they are for their products and services. This is when an EVP works so well; people start queuing up to work for you!

Simplify your job application system

Many employers to this day still use daunting and time consuming application systems. You need to make it easier for your candidate to follow through. Make sure that your application system is easy to use. Intuitive and capable of handling the applications.willingness to be harmonious with others.

It’s true that a company is only as good as its people, so if you want to build and maintain a successful business, you need to attract and hire the best candidates. Many employers mistakenly believe that it is very easy to find great job candidates in today's job market, but that's not the case. Top candidates know their worth and they understand the value that they can bring to your company. That's why they tend to be picky about what jobs they want to apply to, and the offers they accept. So if you truly care about attracting top talent, you need to put more thought into the way you attract and screen candidates. 

Be honest about the salary

Since you're competing for the best candiates with other organisations, you need to offer a realistic salary. There's no need to play games. You need to show that you're investing in the candidate, if you want their investment in return. Many employers think that salary negotiation is the candidate's responsibility when in fact; you are the one offering the job. It's up to you to do the research and know the market value of the employee you are looking to hire. Shying away from openly discussing what the position pays will turn off good candidates. Talking about salary in the job description or at least in an early stage will attract strong candidates who will appreciate your company's openness.

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